Every day

This week saw world mental health day and I was amazed at all the posts from so many people with quotes and anecdotes. What struck me most was that for the other 364 days of the year I rarely see these posts about mental health.. theirs or anyone else’s. Social media is full of pretty and smiles and going out and holidays and money and sunshine. Social media is a constructed picture of perfectness.

I’m not advocating we all have to start talking about how rubbish our day has been but it is interesting that we usually only share what’s socially acceptable.

It’s great that world mental health day gets people posting but it’s something we need to be doing and talking about every day. Like if we had a sore throat. Because until then those of us with our ‘issues’ are going to feel alienated and freakish no matter what other people tell us. Everyone needs to normalise mental health for it to be ok and easy to talk about.

So for world mental health day this week… I’d like to ask that along with spreading the word. Reach out. Be there. Listen. Talk. Share.

Every day.

Lots of love to you this Sunday x x





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