In many ways it’s been a good life, in some it’s been a difficult one.  Like for most people.  I’ve drawn on my experiences to blog, write, campaign.  Those experiences led me to where I am today.  I am passionate about everything I do. I love to write.  One day I want to live in a flat, smoking a cigar and drinking strong coffee.  I need to see the Eiffel Tower through the chipped wooden window frame.  Then I will know. I’ve made it.  I’m a proper freelance writer!

For the record I neither smoke or actually drink coffee.




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Dwysan so sorry to read about your loss! Hoping you will soon find serenity and renewed strengh.
    Thank you for following my blog, I’m here to warn you it’s a bilingual one, so if you get a post in Italian please use your patience, an English one will soon follow 😉 doing my best to keep things balanced.

  2. I cannot imagine your pain, I just read your latest posts and even with the trauma I have endured, yours is not everywhere, it is not to same and I wish you strength and as much peace as possible.

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