Today soon becomes tomorrow.

Friday night we met up with my lovely friend from school days and we ventured to the new cocktail bar in town. A couple of drinks later we walked to the DJ set at the local fringe festival feeling a little bit more giggly after the gin fizz. We didn’t know what to expect so we were quite overwhelmed so see this small town venue buzzing like a mini Ibiza club inside. Everyone was dancing and happy and looked light with the music seeping into their feet. A gathering of all ages and backgrounds being together enjoying the atmosphere of space and freedom. Music does that.

The heat outside doubled in temperature inside and it wasn’t long before we took ourselves outside to cool down. As I sat down and chatted, a woman nearby caught my eye. Do I know you, she said. I had never seen her before so confidently replied that we didn’t. We chatted a bit and with great surprise to both of us it turned out her cousin was my cousin and our grandmother’s were sisters!!! It was so odd as we live near each other and yet for some reason we had never met!!! It was really quite emotional!

So that Friday brought a busy days work, a rushed journey home, a quick change of clothes, cocktails, raspberry stains on white tops, dancing while drinking out of a mini wine bottle (classy!), meaningful hugs with Tes’s adorable friend who I saw dancing right at the front (of course!) .. and emotional hugs with her parents, a last minute dash for ‘one more’ at the wine bar and a bad decision to eat chips and garlic mayo at 1am… all that on top of getting to know my new cousin…!

It made me think how amazing it is that we get up every day and have no idea what today is going to bring…. the difficult and the good and it reminded me of the importance of being mindful to try and live for today because we really don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Hope you’ve had a lovely week and have a great Sunday x

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