Bring it on…

My Sunday morning blog x x

There’s no other way to put it but it’s been a challenging week. The most challenging in a very long time. And it coincided with me. On a detox . Fabulous. Friday night the eventful end to this already testing week was me having to evacuate the work place. I finally left thanking an amazing fire service for keeping us all safe before heading over the hills to home. Exhausted.

It can be hard to see the positives in weeks like this but they’re there. You just have to look a bit harder.

There’s all the usual brilliant constant people who are always there. Thank you xx

Then there’s the friend who knows exactly what you’re going through. There’s the person you’ve only known for a few months that you know is going to be in it for the long haul. There’s a big bear hug from your little (but tall) brother that you haven’t seen for six months. There’s the message from a complete stranger telling you the group you run for women helped her at a difficult time (that was sooo special). There’s the amazing health care we are so fortunate to have with their brilliant staff (thank you!). There’s my dogs waiting for me each night in the porch. There’s an al fresco lunch while watching the world go by which includes a jack russell strapped in as a pillion passenger on a motorbike! There’s the view from the top of a steep 2 hour walk….that I’ve never seen before. There’s the catch up with my other brother over the phone who’s many miles away and the funny stories of my nephews on their travels. There’s the giggles around the lunch table at work and happy groans when I sent around my Friday cheesy joke. You want to hear it dont you?!

What did the cow say to its child when it left for school?


See. Group groan.

Made people smile though.

So. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday. Friday. Saturday. You tried your best but you failed!! I’m standing up to you and I can still find good in it so there… bring it on Sunday!

Have a lovely day x x

A phone call

It was my friends birthday this week and as we all do now I sent her a message on Facebook. About 10 seconds after posting it I thought to myself. That’s just not good enough. So I picked up the phone and gave her a call.

Earlier that day as I was driving to work and I was thinking about her and it being her birthday I noticed when I thought about her I literally had a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart!! Which led me to think where did that involuntary feeling come from? So I let my mind wander about what came to my mind when I thought about my friend. Someone who’s overcome many barriers to be a beautiful mum and have a successful career. Someone who is driven and yet would always make time for you. Someone literally beautiful outside and inside. Someone who sees the best in people and gives everyone a chance. Someone with passion about fairness and someone compassionate about our future. Ultimately a friend that I may see only a few times a year but who makes me feel more complete for being part of my life.

And so in a more concise way (because she was in the middle of a romantic dinner).. this is what I told her on the phone and maybe for the first time I told her I loved her too. Because I do. I love you too she said.

We (anyone pre Howard Jones/Erasure/Bronski Beat era) know we’ve lost so many different and more personal ways of communicating. There was nothing better than receiving a letter from friends at Uni or abroad (I have a huge suitcase full) and I remember a time when my house phone rang several times in the evening. Now I don’t even have a phone plugged in to my land line! Social media has a firm and great place in our future but it really is….. good to talk.

Happy Sunday xx



Tesni dying had brought inspiration to her school to speed up their plans of building a new library, through her passing a new bright colourful learning room exists for others and as her teacher said today, for her, under her invisible cloak.

This small collection of photos goes a small way to showing the lovely details dedicated to her memory, photos inside books, inspirational memories, a Harry Potter wand with her name inscribed – to dalek cakes and blue police box icing.

I felt a tingle of sadness that she did not see it for herself and that she may not have known quite how much she was thought of, particularly during those teenage years when there is so much angst. Then I reminded myself she knew she was loved, so much by her friends, family, by me – she knew. That made me think how important it is to act, to aspire, to go for your dreams, to find courage, to say what you really feel, to argue less, to follow your heart, and I wrote these few words because of it.

Don’t be too late.

Don’t be too late
to say I love you.
To feel the cold.
To see the view.

Don’t be too late
to say I want you.
To feel the love.
To see the want.

Don’t be too late
to say I’m happy.
To feel the laughs.
To see the smiles.

Don’t be too late
to say I miss you.
To feel the gaps.
To see the hope.

Don’t be too late
to say I’m sorry.
To feel the loss.
To see the end.

Don’t be too late
to say I can.
To feel the start.
To see the life.

Don’t be too late.