To all the mums. To you who feels a failure for not making pureed food for your new baby while everyone else seems like super mum. To you who really hates making things out of plasticine but does it anyway. To you who has no mum anymore and misses her desperately.  To you who has a mum somewhere but also doesn’t have her in your life. To you the mum who juggles it all. To you the mum who feels guilty no matter how much effort you put in. To you the mum who is stressed.  To you the mum who can’t wait for bed time.  To you the mum who shouts sometimes.  To you the mum who’s protecting their child in the best way they can. To you the mum who has lost. To you the mum that it never happened for. To you the mums that will be. To you the mums that could’ve been,  that bravely decided it isn’t for you. To mums of dogs and cats.  To mums taking on the job of other mums that couldn’t be. And to you mums who seem to do it so effortlessly!

Mum’s.  We’re all different.  We’re not a perfect poster image in a magazine.  We get 17 minutes to ourselves apparently each day. 17 minutes! The rest of the time we’re devoting to kids, partners, animals, work, cooking, driving, ironing, cleaning, studying, making last minute costumes for school etc etc! .

So I think we all well deserve this one day to celebrate!

To mums everywhere! Have a lovely day xxxx  


Another day

Just a short one this week.

To all the mums, the carers, the stand ins, the mums who could never be, the mums that have lost, those who have lost their mums, to mums of cats and dogs… to you all. The day may not be an entirely “happy” one for everyone but may it be one that you take time out to remember how fabulous you are, be proud of you,  give your loved ones an extra cwtch.  Not just today but every day.

I will think about my beautiful girl who lives in my heart, as I do every second.  I’ll be thankful for my gorgeous son and spending lunch with my family and the most inspiring woman in my life, my mum.  Not forgetting a mention too for my beautiful dog Lolly.  You all bring happiness to my heart.

Happy mothers day x

Dwys x