I had intended to write a second part to my blog from last week. The response was so overwhelming that it deserved another blog just to respond. Hopefully next week.

However as I’ve said before sometimes something so significant happens in your week that there’s nothing else to write about.

My Nain passed away this week. My gran. 7.40pm. Tuesday 29th May 2018. My Nain quietly left us. Aged 90.

Over the past couple of weeks as we’ve sat by her bed and felt her days slowly ending …it has given me time to look back at my life with my Nain.

I was reminded of the saying that the important thing about other people is how they make you feel.

From all accounts my Nain like every other person wasn’t without fault. However as her grandaughter I don’t remember anything negative about my Nain and I certainly know that for periods of my life as a kid she made me feel safe with her fussing.

My grandparents had a small holding and I have quite idyllic memories of visiting this huge house with enormous windows, hanging from them white wooden shutters over 12ft tall. I remember my Taid saying that they were used during the war to shut out all light from the threat in the skies. In the same room stood a wooden grandfather clock that I can still hear chime today.

The house overlooked fields owned by my grandparents with a river running through the bottom where me, my brother and cousin would regularly play.

I had no idea until now that those times were to be some of the most gentle beautiful moments of my life.

My memories include sitting at the table shelling fresh peas from a pod with Nain. Her playing the piano. My Taid coming in from the garden he was so proud of laden with tomatoes and cucumber. A mountain of home baked cakes that we were expected to eat. Sending us off to the hay bales to see how many eggs we could find that had been laid by the chickens who roamed entirely free. Feeding abandoned rejected lambs with a warm synthetic bottle. I can see their tails wagging a hundred miles an hour. A trip to Scotland to watch salmon jumping and a holiday to a cottage in Devon with white shutters on a blue detached house by the sea. My Taid driving us there and my Nain telling him to slow down. A lot.

My Nain quite recently still re told one story from our trip to Devon when we had taken a day ferry. Nain didn’t like boats and when she got off told the operator firmly that she would be walking home. That’s fine he said but you do know it’s 18 miles to go all the way around the harbour on foot. For a second I thought this feisty woman was just about to do that but instead reluctantly agreed to get back on to save her (and us!) the walk.

Tomorrow my Nain would have celebrated her 91st birthday.

I’ll miss my Nain very much but I will cherish the memories I have of her and most importantly, how she made me feel.

Have a lovely Sunday x x


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