7th May 1998

Some weeks. There is nothing else that I can possibly write about other than what is right in front of me. Tomorrow would’ve been my daughter Tesni’s 20th birthday.

So. It’s a short blog this week. Birthdays are hard when you’ve lost the person that’s not here any more. But they’re also the day that brought them into our lives. However long that was meant to be for.

It’s something we know but most of us forget often. We’ve got this one life. Hug a lot. Kiss a lot. Hold hands a lot. Tell people you love them. A lot. Work to live. Forget about the small stuff. Take risks. Live for today.

Tes, your birth day was a day of joy, shock, overwhelming love and pride that has never left me. So happy birth day tomorrow my beautiful girl. Wherever you may be.

Some of my favourite pics of you, Tes xx xx


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