Killing or kindness?

When I went to school and complained upon my return that someone had been mean to me the answer then was to be mean back. If someone hit you. You hit them back. If someone called you names you gave it back. But harder.

By the time I had my own children I was already well on my way to fundamentally being a pacifist. With that I mean that I have experienced a lot in my life and the bits with violence, aggression, name calling, fights, door slamming, tears and fear are not in my top ten life moments. To me a pacifist is someone who tries wherever possible to sort things out without the want for violence, intimidation or fear.

So when my kids went to school my line was if someone hits you, you don’t hit them back. You try to sort it out or you tell someone. The same for me goes for parents hitting their kids. I don’t slap adults so why would I slap a defenceless child. I often read how physical punishment did people no harm years ago. Wrong. We are a nation where predominantly people think violence solves all problems. That comes from somewhere.

You bomb. We bomb. When it suits. You punch, I punch. You shout, I shout.

People like me with pacifist views are viewed quite often as out of touch. People like me just yesterday are told to ‘get a grip’ because we think bombing a country is wrong.

As if you can solve the world’s problems without war, people will say. Kids need to learn, people say. They need to be taught a lesson back. People say.

The thing that I don’t understand is… and it’s so so simplistic…..why is a peaceful way of life so hard to believe in but one of violence, death and war accepted as normal?

In reality… again I know this sounds far fetched….which is the saddest part – if we were all respectful of each other. If we resorted to talking and listening. If we loved each other and accepted our differences. If we respected cultures and embraced our surroundings. If we put away our guns. If we smiled at strangers. If we were happier with what we have instead of always wanting more. If if if.

I dont understand why that concept is one met with a smirk. Why wanting to live without guns or nuclear weapons is viewed as bohemian nonsense.

It’d be a huge job to change this world from one of anger, entitlement, greed and of course power.

But we have to start somewhere. I think it starts with us.

Peaceful Sunday to you all xx


2 thoughts on “Killing or kindness?

  1. I am SO with you on this one- we bomb Syria, and then turn away the refugees who are fleeing the bombs- it’s f*cken ridiculous, and a tragedy for the children, and our children, growing up in this aggressive, hostile world. Smash the Patriarchy I say!

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