Tap. Heel. Toe.

Three words. One new experience. I dipped my ‘toe’ into tap dancing this week. I saw the beginners class advertised a few weeks ago and really wanted to have a go. I’m rather a frustrated actor/dancer/singer (little talent but lots of passion). So I thought why not. Give it a go. Join in.

Trying something new is hard though isn’t it? Walking into a room of people you don’t know to do something you’ve never done before is quite a challenge. Will I look silly? Will the others be friendly? Will they all be better than me? Soon enough we can easily talk ourselves out of new experiences and settle for what we know instead.

I’m fairly confident but it was still a little daunting. I roped a friend along and as they handed out the tap shoes and started talking about a future show we would be putting on I’m sure I saw my friend tapping quite quickly sideways towards the exit. But she stayed (thank you!).

What I loved about the tap dancing class surprised me. I thought it’d be the movement and the music and the sense of keeping fit. But what I really loved was learning something new. Meeting new people. Watching people smile. As we get older we don’t learn new things very often and that’s when our lives can feel a little bit ‘routine’. Our minds too need to keep learning. There’s proven research out there telling us how important it is to keep our minds healthy, we need to use it and challenge it.

Tap dancing as it turns out even at the basic level is quite a challenge. Tap, heel, stamp, shuffle, spin…. steps to the right then left, forward 4 and back 8. The next day I woke up and could feel the excercise in my legs a little and as I sat at my desk later that day I involuntarily caught myself doing a back shuffle tap with my right foot!!

It’s good to push ourselves and try something new whatever our age. With Spring around the corner what perfect time to try something new. New people. New experiences. New smiles. New beginnings!

Happy Sunday everyone xxx


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