The right change.

As my mum says often, I don’t do things by halves. Every important aspect of my life seems to have changed recently or is going to change over the next few weeks or so.


Something that many people don’t like at all. I have never really minded change. Sometimes it’s not nice when it’s inflicted on you or when you’ve no choice but change usually means opportunity.

Change also creates a time for reflection. What would you do differently in the future? What will you try to keep the same? What have you learnt from the past? What can you bring to the new future?

As I packed up my belongings this week I inevitably came across memories spanning from the day I was born. A black and white teddy that sadly no longer has an eye but still has the number 7 I wrote on it with nail varnish at 9 yrs old! My doll that frankly looks like it belongs in a horror film now and still has the make up I adorned her with as a toddler. The soft toy that mum made me out of my carnival attendant dress! Letters of love and photos of friendship from the last few (ahem) decades.

As I sat revelling in the memories with some tears but mostly smiles… for some reason my main emotion was of having not put some things right with some people in these memories of my life. Because sometimes we don’t like change and we can react badly. As I held my memories in my hands I realised despite me thinking I handled change well, at times I haven’t.

The problem with changes that you don’t handle well or resolve is ‘the niggle’. The niggle in the back of your head that for most of us won’t go away. Even if you’ve spent many years arguing with the niggle that you’re right there will only ever be one winner. The niggle. Until you make things right.

So I tried to make amends this week and it felt really good to have eventually managed those changes positively. The niggle has retreated too.

Change can be difficult but the key is how we deal with the change, it can be a chance to do things differently. A new beginning. A closure. An adventure. A challenge. A new beginning.

Lots of love this Sunday x

Dwys x


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