Changing for good?

So. 2018 has take a turn for the better. Much better. Good news x 3 this week!! This made me think about the idea of good news. Particularly about the word good. What does good actually mean?

So, I looked up the meaning of good. The first definition I came across was ..

to be desired or approved of.
Eg. “it’s good that she’s back to her old self”

Are we always trying to get back to our old selves? I wonder if this is sometimes why we don’t feel good because we’re trying to get back to where we were yesterday rather than what we are today?

Things change.. ill health… relationships.. .children grow up… new jobs… loss…..age…. opinions… values.. . morals….homes…..emotional health…our bodies.. our looks… our surroundings…. our feelings …things change!

We fight against those changes a lot of the time and crave to be just what we were instead of what we are. We see change quite often as a bad thing and sometimes it can feel very bad. Perhaps if we had more acceptance about the inevitability of change and less focus on trying to look and feel and be exactly who we were yesterday we might be more relaxed about our future?

A good example of this in my life has been dealing with the loss of Tes. How can a mum accept that and just move on? You can’t. But I did adjust my thoughts, eventually, to understand that this life for most people isn’t the one we were led to believe it would be. The ideological life route set out can set us up to fail…. we’re babies, go to school, get education, go to work, meet the loves of our lives, have babies, be grandparents and we live to a grand old age. I can be sure that at least three quarters of you reading this do not and have not had that journey. Life is not a familiar pattern.

So why are we still focussed on a concept of what we’re told life should be when it isn’t like that? Our life changes. And it’ll always change. The best thing we can do is to BE in the present moment, stop fighting change and stop trying to carve out a life prescribed to us.

Of course we can encourage change and we can make changes but we also have to accept change happens and it may not always be that our life is ‘good’ all the time but there is good in our life? We might just need to stop looking for perfect and instead settle for… it’s perfectly good.

Happy Sunday xx


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