The future is?

So how’s your first week been?

Mine hasn’t been great, so, unusually I’m going to talk about my job.

I’ve been completely stressed in work. The NHS is in crisis as we know and managing a GP surgery at this time of year (well any time really) is tough it is for all the NHS staff.

I found myself in tears wondering how we can cope with the demand. Wondering how I can keep staff motivated while they felt they were drowning. I sadly listened to a clinician who’s worked as a GP for over 40 yrs tell me the NHS cannot be saved while I just about hold on to that tiny bit of hope that maybe it can? Just. I speak to others in similar situations and we text and email trying to keep each other sane. I speak to nurses elsewhere completely at the end of their tether trying to cope and I try my best to keep moral of staff up while patients queue around the building waiting to get in. They’re equally stressed.

The NHS needs help. Governments need to listen. Common sense needs to be reinstated. Poverty grows and we continue to be strangled by greed of the elite who make us think we can’t make things better but still find money for stuff like…. Brexit. And war. Nurse bursaries have been scrapped and everyone is competing for a locum GP and the costs keep growing. Nurses face court action because they have parking fees at the hospitals that they are working at to save our lives. Community hospitals were shut down so now vulnerable people stay in hospital for months, sometimes they die there.. because there’s nowhere for them to go. The simple state is that the need far outweighs availability and the NHS needs a desperate overhaul and a proper injection of sustained funding to survive .

We have a fight on our hands.

There’s something small we can do too. I believe, rightly or wrongly, that we are pressurising our own health service. We rely on someone else to fix us. A sore throat for a day. Feeling achey for 2 days. The surgery is bursting with people who want an instant fix. Our expectations have become unrealistic. We’ve stopped looking after ourselves and we become physically and mentally unwell when much of the time WE could have done something about it. I’m guilty too I know I could look after my body better.

Some things though are entirely out of our control and that’s why we need our NHS to survive for patients who’s lives are literally saved and changed every second of every day by our free health service. It’s unique, amazing and wonderful. And still free.

It made me think how I need to look after myself a bit more. I walk about 3 miles a day and I eat healthily but I’m very stressed a lot of the time and I still suffer with anxiety. I don’t do enough to eradicate what’s causing that stress and I still shy way from solving some issues that I know would at least help my anxiety. It’s easier sometimes to pretend things are ok when, just like the NHS, we need to look after it and each other and ourselves a bit more.

So. Let’s fight. To keep ourselves healthy but as importantly to keep everyone else healthy. Our NHS is one of the most important aspects of our British society and I fear one of our most vulnerable.

In the words of Aneurin Bevan… the NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.

We have to look after it, and ourselves.

Happy Sunday x


4 thoughts on “The future is?

  1. From Australia, I am so outraged and sad that you have to fight for the wonderful NHS. We don’t want to be like America! All my family are in the UK, so you have my sympathy indeed; sounds like you’ve got as positive an outlook as you can have, well done. Take care, G

    1. Thank you. It is infuriating. It feels like we are being pushed into private health and greater division between those who have and those who have not. I appreciate your comments and support for my blog x

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