It’s a New day….

What else is there to write about today other than the year ahead and the year we have left.

I’ve already been jotting down goals.. There’s the usual around… being vegan for more than 5 days at a time (damn you halloumi). Drinking less wine (damn you sauvignon blanc). Budget better. (damn you H&M).

There’s the serious. Listen to David Attenborough….use less plastic. Be more aware of the hidden cruelty to animals in our every day use of items. Try and help this planet of ours! We can all do our bit.

Then there’s the time to reflect and look forward.

This year like every year it’s been a time for goodbyes for many people I have known and some that I’ve only known through friends. Women younger than me who have fought brave battles and lost, leaving families to find a way without them. Dads and husbands who have left a gap that can never be filled. Friends who have lost dear grandparents and friends who have lost a little future they had hoped for. Cats and dogs and even hamsters that have left a furry hole in hearts.

This year has also been one of happiness with new homes, new babies, new pets, new jobs, new walks, new relationships, new skills, new opportunities, new qualifications, new health, new experiences.

I think for me the most important thing year on year is to learn from the last. Much of this is not new. It’s just trying to remember and making it part of who we are while also remembering we’re human and we all make mistakes. For me some things are old and some things are new but I’ll carry forward 18 hopes to 2018.

The importance of…

1. Being thoughtful and considerate

2. Feeling less guilty.. about everything!

3. Putting my phone away

4. Stopping thinking I’m wonder woman!

5. Phoning instead of texting

6. Talking about those not with us

7. Keeping fit mentally and physically

8. Remaining calm even when I don’t feel it

9. Forgiveness even when it’s difficult

10. Reading and learning

11. Keeping in touch with friends

12. Sticking to a plan

13. Writing more

14. Creating my future instead of it creating me

15. Spend wisely

16. Cycle to new places

17. Take more photographs

And 18 is very important.

18. Should I decide to dress as an elf next Christmas then I must remember to take the shoes off before walking down the stairs to avoid a fall and a chipped elbow and many bruises!!! Still it was worth it seeing everyone’s faces in work. So 18 is .. take the elf shoes off and HAVE FUN!

Thanks so much for your amazing comments and likes and loves over 2017. It’s no over statement to say it’s you who keeps me writing. So, much love, happiness and emotional strength to you for 2018 … and of course a very Happy Sunday to you xxx


2 thoughts on “It’s a New day….

  1. This is so wonderful, I share several of your hopes, including not to think I am wonder woman (I can feel it creeping in now and again), so thank you so much for your wonderful writings, many of them really resonate with me on several levels, may be not the elf shoes, but that did make me smile – dressing as an elf not the fall. Happy new year to you and yours, hope 2018 is happy, healthy & successful (in whatever way you want it to be) for you. xxx

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