Looking back

Someone posted a photo the other day. A great photo. Alongside it he said this is why you should always look back on a walk. I thought oh.. .I rarely look back on a walk. On all my many many walks I look forward. I don’t like coming back the same way and almost always have to find a circular walk because I don’t like doing the same steps again!

I wondered what I’ve been missing! So yesterday I did one of my walks in reverse. The first thing that happened was the dogs became much more excited. It felt new to them too! Then we lost our way trying to find the secret gap in the hedge because we’d approached it from a different angle. Then we walked up the narrow hill and the trees seemed taller and the hills overwhelmed us as we climbed towards them instead of away from them. Then I saw this.

I’ve never noticed it before. Because I’ve approached it from the other direction. Filled with history and a past that I can only imagine I looked at the old building with the castle to its distant left and was amazed that I haven’t actually seen this before.

I suppose what I’m saying and what I’m thinking going forward is to stop and think and do things a bit differently… to stop taking the same path and making the same decisions.

What could they be?? A new hair do? A phone call instead of sending the usual text? Making that card instead of buying one? Reading the book you’ve had for years but not got around to as yet. Writing a journal? Learning to play an instrument? Shopping local? Volunteering? Picking up a different newspaper? Changing your radio station? A new holiday destination?

Whatever it is. Small changes to life can make the day seem new and fresh and one with different opportunities.

With 2o18 around the corner.. . What better time to take a slightly different path. Who knows what you might see?

Happy Sunday and a very Happy Christmas xx


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