Where did ‘that’ go??

So. Somehow this year is almost over. Next week it’s Christmas day and then we’ll be on to 2018. Because I’ve got one of those minds that over thinks and questions almost everything, I often at this time of year find myself thinking about the concept of time.

Who decided how many hours are in a day? How were months formed? Why do some months have less days than others? Who decided what time it is right now? I should probably Wikipedia some of these questions!!

Time. Days Hours. Weeks. Years. The older we get the faster they seem to fly even though that can’t be true it certainly feel that way.

The beauty of writing my blog gives me a chance to reflect on my week. Normally I’ll write about one aspect but I’m constantly reflecting on it all. It’s a great tool to appreciate what you’ve got when we can spend so much time talking about what we haven’t. Most days if someone asks how I am my stock replies are generally….stressed, tired, busy…. doesn’t sound like the best week. But when I reflect.. I can pick at least one great thing every day.

Monday I was snowed in so I got to spend all day working from home with my dogs by my side and winter walks at lunch time. Tuesday I got to spend the evening with one of my favourite people who keeps making me so proud to be his mum that I have to pinch myself that I’ve done an alright job there! Wednesday I went to my favourite restaurant with a friend I’ve known for 28 years! When we first met we instantly disliked each other… just shows you should always give someone a chance. Thursday I thought about my lovely friend who said goodbye to her dad and in the sadness was in awe of her photos and memories unable to stop myself smile at the amazing times they’d created that can never be taken away. Friday I had the day off and I had some brilliant news that made my cheeks hurt by the evening because I couldn’t stop grinning from excitement. Saturday I got to spend the day with Miss E and we attended the most beautiful wedding and at the end of it I not only came away giddy on the brides love for each other but with total admiration for my friend who spoke so eloquently and sincere during her speech. Also the image of their two dogs leading the walk down the aisle will stay forever in my mind along with the stunning backdrop behind the room full of happiness.

And Sunday. Well Sunday is about you! I am so grateful and also quite self conscious about the fact you give me the impetus and drive to write and reflect and give me the opportunity to think even in all the trials of this life… I’m so very lucky.

Lots of love and a Happy Sunday xxx


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