Pink shorts and snow.

Everything is relative isn’t it. Sometimes I hear myself complain about stuff and I instantly feel bad and that saying ‘there’s others worse off’ rings in my head.

Still. I found myself getting pretty frustrated/almost crying as I tried to get to work on Friday. Accidents, delays, gripping the steering wheel tight at 10mph. It’s amazing what chaos a few inches of snow can cause.

As I write this I’ve been driving for 4 hours and 26 minutes. I want a wee and my stomach is growling. It took me this long to start to think that this could in any way be a positive experience.

Then I looked out of my passenger window.

At this point the guy in front got out of his car to take a look at what was causing the delay. A portly guy with a red beard having a cigarette. We chatted and I was introduced to his 2 year old twins and 3 month old new baby. His clothes had been left at home in the dryer he explained. Hence the pink shorts.

After five hours and five minutes I sprinted through my door straight to the bathroom! I felt so agitated as I’d stressed myself out during the 5 hour journey so I decided to take my laptop and go off to the local Italian cafe. Before I knew it I’d ordered a goats cheese salad and a large glass of sauvignon!!

As I sat there the snow literally fell all around and I was smiling as I looked out of the cafe window. An elderly man keeping his wife upright as they braced the slippery path. School children walking by, incredulous that the school staff had taken advantage of the closure and were enjoying a bottle or two in the cafe. A group of boys having a snowball fight. A matching set of snowmen sitting on my street with babybel cheese for eyes. Two American young women sitting in the snow screeching and taking selfies and best of all a young boy of about 3 who excitedly told me his grandad was taking him sledging for the first time.

My stress started to seep away as I took in the positives of the snowfall. And from today’s new batch it looks like I’ll be forced to slow down again and spend my Sunday finding a few more things to be grateful for.

Happy Sunday xx


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