If I was a teenager I think I’d be predominantly describing my mood this week as ‘meh’. Lacking enthusiasm. It’s more than that. It’s this fog .. It’s hanging around my head and it’s been getting thicker at times. I feel like I need some fog lights as a warning to others. Keep your distance. I’m drowning in foggy thoughts.

I thought I could name it. Like the recent hurricanes Brian and Ophelia. It’s annoying, unpredictable and persistent… so I’ll call it Donald.

I have to speak about Donald because otherwise this weekly blog wouldn’t be honest.

But. There’s always a but. I know Donald will depart. I only wish I could say the same thing for the real twerp Donald.

Making me smile and keeping me going this week.. .

The love and kindness from my family that makes me feel so so grateful.

A boy driving his blue old Nova on the motorway singing out loud, headbanging.

The sun coming up and it’s reflection hitting the canal.

A 3 month Springer spaniel called Seth.

A chat for hours with one of my oldest friends.

A course over 2 days which has reignited my enthusiasm for work.

An accidental meet on a dog walk with an old face where we exchanged our life story of the past 20yrs in 10 mins.

Paying someone to do my ironing … the best money I’ve spent in a long time!!!

Gogglebox.. never fails to bring a smile.

A food festival reunited me with old faces I haven’t seen in years and I learnt things about owls I never knew!

A cycle to a 14th century pub only for it to be closed. We waited. The owner turned up 5 minutes after what should have been opening time and asked us to wait. We heard him hoovering and 5 mins later he let us in. That made me smile!

I cycled up EVERY hill. Achievement!

My mum’s advice. Don’t talk to people on the underground. They’ll think you have problems… or that you’re Welsh!

I also got to spend 24hrs in what I think is the best city in the UK.. Brighton. We ate Mexican, sang karaoke and danced til 4am, flutes of prosecco in hand. At 11am today.. I got to meet my lovely little brother for breakfast by the sea. An organic coffee and some seeded toast with home made chunky marmalade while putting the world right. He has an incredible soul and despite our 20 year age gap we chat effortlessly and laugh out loud much of the time we’re together.

Now I’m on the train coming home and I look forward to it. That says a lot doesn’t it.

And this is me. Again. Trying to see those things that make us/me smile when things seem quite dark. And it may sound repetitive. Or even nonsense. Sometimes it even feels indulgent sharing my feelings with you. But I do and I do it honestly because it’s ok and not all days can be good days but as they say.. there’s good in every day.

Happy Sunday xx


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