Hot and bothered

Well. This week has been entirely unproductive. It started last week before the festival and to be honest if I hadn’t drank my body weight in sauvignon blanc at the festival I’d have been more aware that I was coming down with a proper illness. Not a sore throat or a sniffle. The actual flu.

I put down the initial aches last weekend down to choosing to camp on a slant but by Sunday night as I was home in my own bed even my eye lashes began to hurt. I’d fortunately booked Monday post festival off and I thought this would give me ample time to recover. Wrong. By Tuesday I could barely lift a cup of tea. And I’m NOT exaggerating. I’ve been on pain relief for the headaches and well aches everywhere every 4 hours since last Sunday. I even text my lovely friend the nurse for some help and at one point I actually cried because I felt so sorry for myself. I was sorry that all I could manage was sleep and the odd microwave meal for my son and some pathetic walks for my dogs that felt I was walking with bricks in my boots and a head full of cotton wool. I couldn’t have a proper conversation by Wednesday because it was exhausting!!

Feeling sorry for Me??! Ha. Well don’t. Because today I am beginning to feel better. Today I put some lipstick on and had a shower and even did my hair. And that’s the point I got to this week. Lucky lucky me just being ill for a few days. Lucky lucky me not waking up like many people do in pain every day. Lucky lucky me not to feel exhausted every day. Lucky Lucky me not needing to rely on other people every day. Lucky lucky me knowing this was going to go away.

It might sound stupid but a few debilitating days knocked out by the flu has made me bloody so grateful for the usual healthy full life I have and also has made me want to make sure as far as I can that I keep it that way. I’m more than aware through my own experiences and that of those I know around me how fragile health can be. Permanently.

So I bought some juicy red strawberries and a punnet of blueberries. I roasted some courgettes and peppers to make a healthy lasagne and I can’t wait to get back out hiking and to pick up my new bike to start my mountain biking phase! I can’t wait to be lucky enough to feel completely well to do whatever I want!

Because you know what.. there’s only so much Judge Rinder I need in my life (although I’m still giggling at the episode where the daughter managed to dye her mum’s eyebrows green!!).

There’s a life to live!!

Lots of love to you in this Sunday x

Dwys x


4 thoughts on “Hot and bothered

  1. I brought home a flu from Singapore last year; having always scoffed at people who complained at how bad they felt, I found myself absolutely unable to get out of bed for a week! I couldn’t believe how bad I felt. And like you, once I got my health back, I was bouncing out of my skin with grateful delight 😊
    Enjoy getting better πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’ͺ🏼

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