Doing nothing.

I received a message this week from a friend. She reminded me a few years ago she talked to me about a sensitive issue and after a long discussion I’d said. Do nothing. Be there, love them but do nothing. They will come to you when the times right.

Turns out she did nothing. For about 4 years. One day the person came to them. Grateful for the space and love waiting and thankful for the space given.

I do remember the conversation. What I felt when I got this message is I really need to start taking my own advice!! I am impatient. I want things to happen today. I hate waiting for things. Like everyone else I’m constantly learning and this small message from my friend has reminded me that this is one area of my life I need to work on. I get knots in my stomach when I’m waiting. Seconds can seem like days. Minutes like weeks.

We’re not used to waiting any more. Music can be bought in a second, films downloaded. Friends can be instantly contacted and we’ve all been there knowing that message has been opened but not received a reply!! We can order food to our door in minutes and read a book without even holding it.

With that we’ve lost so much.

I loved popping to HMV to pick out a CD as a teenager. It wasn’t just the shop but the buzz of the people, the posters, the physical feel of the headphones as you stood listening to your favourite artist. A downloaded film can never beat the experience of the cinema where the smell of popcorn and the inability to pause makes it wholly different. Talking on the phone or even better face to face over a glass of wine will always beat an instant message and taking time to cook a meal, play with spices and new recipes will always taste better than a take out.

Of course this is the society we live in now. Having everything in an instant is how it is but sometimes waiting for something can mean so much more….. we just have to learn to be patient!

Happy Sunday xx


3 thoughts on “Doing nothing.

  1. I agree; I can also be very impatient, & certainly walk fast when I want to get somewhere, but friends definitely remind me to slow down… and then I remind even faster-moving friends to slow down. It’s like a good, slow spiral! 😃

  2. We were only having the conversation today with Josh about how Woolies was one of the best shops as a kid – music, posters, toys, games and pick n mix, all in one shop! Life passes by too quickly and you would think that having things faster and on demand would give us more time to do the things we want, but as you say, it seems to increase our impatience and need for life in a click! Take time to enjoy the company of those you hold dear and as the saying goes…stop and smell the roses once in a while!
    Hope you’re enjoying your new home! xx

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