Hi Terry!

I am a woman of contradictions. This is true. I know the ‘right’ path but I often do a u turn. I’m kind and also annoying. Friendly and argumentative. A feminist yet avidly watch Love Island. Not least that I have something to talk to my 17 year old about.

I’m a daily walker of about 2 hrs but go in my jeans and trainers. This week I walked on the North York moors in completely inappropriate clothing (again) which meant while everyone else walked dry the inside of my blouse  (Yes A BLOUSE) became increasingly damp to soaking.  I tried to be brave but after a few miles I voiced my dampness and we turned back reluctantly. I turned back guiltily. And two hours later I was the brave owner of a proper waterproof walking jacket. So proud.

What I’ve (again) realised this week. Bar essentials, is what we can live without. At least three quarters of what I own is in storage and although my home is a little bare and my clothes are not on hangers and I have only ONE tv and still no fridge  I’m handling it ok. It makes me feel a bit …. What’s the word
…. yucky…. materialistic…. greedy .. that I think I need all those things in storage to make me happy.

No idea if this will change me. I’m still on the look out for bird patterned adorned lamps and was in the queue at the new home bargains yesterday eyeing up decorative metallic mugs that I don’t need but want.

 It is crazy what we think we need and what we actually need. With a pair of shorts and jeans a few tops I’ve still managed to walk up a mountain, climb forest walls, paddled in rivers, watched a festival of dance, enjoyed magic moments with those dearest to me, skipped over puddles, danced to new tunes and enjoyed the sun streaming on my face, enjoyed long strolls with the pooches, a beer at a pub whilst watching people kayaking and walking. Sat at the canal smiling at newbies paddle boarding and caught up with old faces.

Money is money. And I am a contradiction. I know I am. However all I can say is it’s a week to remind me that most things mean nothing. It’s experiences that mean everything. My stand out experience this week was a coincidental joining the Llangollen international street parade where I bumped into an old mate and found myself swinging my hips to the show freely in front of me.

And yes that is me shouting ‘hi Terry’ to *the* Terry Waite!!!

Happy Sunday everyone xx


One thought on “Hi Terry!

  1. Yes indeed: we Westerners need less ‘stuff’, & more connections, both with Nature, & with other human beings. To be a contradiction is surely to be alive? Blessings, gabrielle

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