My village.  Hwyl x 

I’ve emptied the shed. And the loft.  I’ve recycled everything that’s not coming with me so far, bar two bin bags. I’ve given away some stuff and sold a few things  (had a lovely meal at the local pub last night on that!). Only the rest of the house to pack up now!!

I’ve owned a house since I was 19 and now I find myself with no fixed abode!! The house I’m hoping to buy has gathered far less speed with the solicitors and I remain therefore a little bit homeless for a short while!! Of course I’m not homeless because of the generosity of those close to me and even those I hardly know offering rooms in their homes.

So another journey. Another chapter begins. I really wanted to say thank you to this village. And to indulge myself in a few memories.

Llandrillo. A village where I fell out with the shop keeper over a Yorkie bar!!  A village where I nervously set up a social night for mum’s over 10 years ago and that circle of friends still remain. A village where I’ve spent too many hours in the pub playing pool and darts and singing karaoke and eating massive portions of cannelloni with home cut chips. A village where we said thank you very much to the royal wedding enjoying a day of dressing up and celebrating with fizz.  A village of colourful carnivals and giggles at friends costumes. A village where my kids could play out for hours and they were safe.  Most probably my favourite thing. A village of magnificent walks of which I’ve walked thousands of miles. A village with my favourite view ever. Anywhere. A village where I set up a book club but never managed to read a whole book instead just enjoying the get together. And wine of course. A village where I put up a message on Facebook wondering if anyone fancied attempting a  9 week running course with me only to see 13 woman standing nervously as I opened my door. Some still run today and some even benefited in other most amazing ways. That’ll forever bring a smile to my face. A village of new friends that’ll always be friends. A village of new years eve parties and fireworks. A village of love. A village of weddings and school plays and car boots. A village of bbqs and bubbles.

I can’t gloss over the fact it’s also been a village of  loss and heartache in ways that I’m yet to find the words for. I am absolutely forever grateful to a village who stood still and held our hands at that most vicious time.

So why leave this place?! Simply it’s time for a fresh start while also holding on to all those memories and people. Some just travel with me in my heart and some will always be in my life, just a few miles away.

I had a lovely message the other day saying I will be missed. All I can say is ditto.

Llandrillo, you will be missed.



3 thoughts on “My village.  Hwyl x 

  1. Lovely post, I’ve probably driven through it on the B4401 on the way to Bala. Had to laugh at the falling out over a Yorkie bar, so true lol x

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