Phones and fauna 

So, I was walking with the dogs and something caught my eye.  As usual instead of stopping and looking at said thing – I think it was a gorgeous red flower peeking out of the verge all by itself – I get my phone out, to take a picture!  It’s 7am and I’m a bit bleary eyed, I’m keeping one eye on my two pooches who have developed an interest in small furry lambs (just to play with) – so in the process of getting said phone out it takes a somersault out of my hands and lands on the tarmac with a thump.  The phone lived no more.


How did we live without phones?!  25 years ago I travelled to Australia for 12 months with no mobile phone and I still have a suitcase full of letters from those travels.  I know it’s all nostalgic but I do miss a good letter. My poor family received a hurried phone call once a month if they were lucky. No texts. No Facebook. No WhatsApp. Just lots of stories upon our return. 


Anyway back to the phone – so I have no phone for all of 48hrs because of course I can’t live without my phone so I immediately upgrade and order a new one!!!


In those 48hrs though – I HAVE NO PHONE!!! I’m having my haircut and I think – oo I’ll just google hairstyles, I have no phone.  I wonder how much something weighs in lbs, I have no phone.  I want to google creamy avocado pasta receipes – I have no phone!!!  I want to get hold of my son in the evening while I’m out – I have no phone!!!!  I want to speak to my other half driving to work as I normally do – I have no phone!!! I find myself also becoming a bit anxious – what if I break down or need something while I’m out walking!  It was highly annoying and frankly it bothered me how dependent we are on our phones but mostly I just wanted my phone back!


On the second day as I was out walking I stood looking over at the most beautiful view in our village, my favourite spot – just hills and water and trees and houses and the odd car with sheep and horses wandering around, pheasants take an early morning ramble while they safely can and rabbits also enjoy a roam.  I couldn’t get my phone out so I just stood there and looked.  While I looked I heard these most amazing sounds – birds – but it was like I hadn’t heard before.  It wasn’t just a tweet while I was doing something else, it was a song, a rhythm, a calling – it was so peaceful and really beautiful.  I actually remember buying a ‘tape’ once years ago with these kind of sounds on it to help me relax! Seems a bit bonkers that we buy those kinds of sounds when errr… it’s actually all outside!!!  So this is me and my blog just appreciating the outside a little more than I do already, I’m always going to stop and take a picture and so we should too but sometimes it’s amazing to sit there properly to listen and take in the amazing place we live in.  Wales! I love you! 

Happy Sunday everyone x Dwys x 


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