Experiences waiting. Ahead. 

Read a little saying today. Don’t stop an experience before it becomes one. 

This resonated with me. I’ve been known at times to be quite risk averse and I’ve been more likely to avoid a potential experience particularly if I think it’ll hurt me in some way. What a way to be?! I’m getting better at it though. Because if we turn away from potential problems or difficulties what else could we be missing out on?! 

It’s far easier to be afraid than confront isn’t it. Far simpler  to take the safe option than take some risks. 

Strange how one sentence can make you think about how you live generally and what you could be missing out on. So here forward am going to try harder at facing those situations I’d quite happily avoid.


I reflected on what I might have missed out on had I been too scared to have embarked on ‘the experience’. 

For one when I bought my first house at 20 and decided a year later I actually wanted to travel. I’d have missed out on the most amazing year travelling had I not given up my job and rented my home out.  Had I not convinced  myself almost 5 years ago that perhaps I was good enough to take on a managers job and with 4 hours to go decided I would go to the interview, I wouldn’t be in my job that has challenged and changed my career so positively.  There’s bigger stuff too. Had I not actively sought help for anxiety and panic attacks 25 years ago I may not have been able to experience the freedom to live (mostly) without the barriers poor mental health brought me. I could’ve missed out on enjoying the thrill of a 3 mile run had I not tried for the 3rd time to complete the 9 week course that took me from barely breathing after one minute to tears of joy when I finally made it and tentatively called myself a runner! 

So this little saying has reminded me really to not turn away from opportunities because then I’ll be turning away from a new experience that otherwise would not be born! 

So that invite to the zip wire I’ve had recently that I’ve dithered about….I’m going to have to make myself nod my head rather than shake it.  That’s a start! 

Happy New experience everyone! 

And happy Sunday xx 


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