Happy New Year to you! 

I’ve woken up a little worse for wear so there’s my first resolution. Less alcohol! What else… I’ve been inspired by a Facebook friend who made a list of 50 things she’d like to do this year and managed them all. She went on to say this had helped her deal with her anxiety and depression. What better way to re focus your life than have 50 goals? I’ve started my list this morning they include climbing Snowdon  (totally ashamed that I haven’t yet done that!), going to a proper bingo hall!, getting to a festival, watching my brother Al play a live gig, creating a healthier workspace, starting up book club again as I miss my book club buddies…. That’s as far as I’ve got!!! I’ll finish the list later…

2016 was a strange one wasn’t it.  Seems to have been dominated by every icon I grew up with taking an early exit and a shift in politics that frankly scares the life out of me. America is about to be taken over by the richest misogynistic political party that we know and I fear what that will bring to our world. 

However as with everything else life throws at us and along with that brilliant saying mum passed down to me… you can’t control the action of others. You can only control your own actions and with that I feel 2017 needs to be for me …more positive action, less being a bit cross, more selfless and less I’m stressed action. More risks and less playing it safe. 

I have a twinkle in my eye and a feeling in my stomach that  says 2017 and onwards is a change in direction for me, perhaps that saying is true… good things come to those that wait!!
I can’t go without saying a new year always makes me feel sad that time seems to hurl forward and 2013 when Tes left is further away …yet feels like yesterday.  Every year it hurts more that her face refuses to light my mornings evenings and night. I’m sure many of you feel the same at your losses. 

Life does go on though and I stand by what I’ve said for the last few years. You get up or you don’t. I choose to (mostly) get up and I hope you can too.
I wish you an amazing 2017 and hope it brings everything you wish for. 
X Dwys X


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