Err…. my Sunday ‘afternoon’ blog…



Firstly I’m sorry.


I feel like I have caused a ‘scene’ and then gone – oh never mind, I was just joking.


I wasn’t joking though.


I gave up something I love when I don’t want to?!!!! 


That’s crazy and against everything I believe in. 


You have no idea how bereft I felt not having my blog to write this week.  I’ve written other articles this week for magazines and I get paid for it but I tell you nothing makes me feel like ‘me’ than this blog and I guess sometimes that makes me feel selfish.  I’ve been criticised that this blog is about telling people how great I am or accused that I’m writing undercover pointing it at some (I don’t)  and you know what that has affected me and it affected my ability  to write… but I need to be stronger than that!!!


So – if you forgive me, I’ll keep my blogging going and it’ll be just the same. Honest!

Lots of people said it was good to see me moving on but my blog is about moving on and reflecting and seeing and sharing.  


Thank you – thank you so much, honestly you have no idea how much I love the interaction and your feedback and your virtual hugs and just amazing niceness and positivity. It makes my life a better place and I hope I can make yours too. 

I feel slightly embarassed but being strong means sometimes you say you’ve made a mistake! So I’m back on the path that I should be!

Thank you and hey – Happy Sunday!!!!  

Dwys x 




2 thoughts on “Err…. my Sunday ‘afternoon’ blog…

  1. Glad your back x Doesn’t matter your reasons of why you write or what you write. I have felt conscious of what I write but then I think of Sylvia Plath quote “I write only because there is a voice within me  that will not be still

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