Be a whinge!?


So many things have happened this week it’s difficult to know where to start.

The single worst sentence I heard uttered was from Boris Johnson.  He asked us to stop whinging about Donald Trump.  Similar to what happened after Brexit, people were told to ‘just get on with it’. I do agree that voters shouldn’t be criticised personally, everyone has their opinion.  What I can’t put up with is being told not to whinge.

You see Boris, Donald Trump and his camp are sexist, homophobic and racist.  Trump refers to women as bimbos, dogs, pigs.  He thinks breastfeeding is disgusting.  He see’s women as pieces of art – something to look at.  His side-kick Pence wants to jail same-sex couples and he wants to take the money spent on HIV treatment and spend it on converting gay people miraculously back to being straight.  Donald also of course thinks that because he’s a star he can do anything to women, he doesn’t ‘even wait’.

Going back to Brexit.  Within 24hrs of the results Nigel Farage spoke live on TV and said it had been a ‘mistake’ to pledge 350 million pounds to the NHS during their campaign..  A mistake.

But we must not whinge.

If we did not whinge, women would still not have a vote.  If we did not whinge it would still be illegal to be gay.  If we did not whinge  poor children would still have to work at ten years old and not go to school.  If we did not whinge we would not have an NHS system, poor people would still have no access to decent healthcare.  If we did not whinge it would still be perfectly legal to hit your wife with a stick as long as it wasn’t thicker than your thumb (*rule of thumb*).

My belief is that we’re becoming more and more individual and less and less part of a community.  Take my village.  We don’t just care about people that we know in the village. We’re a community.  When I found an old guy lying in the street years ago, I didn’t think – oh well I don’t know him so I won’t bother doing anything.  When I found a mobile phone on the road a few months ago,  I don’t think about the fact I’ve no idea who it belongs to, I try to find its owner.  When I come across a couple that I don’t know looking for their dog I don’t dismiss them because I don’t know them.  Within the community boundaries we have an invisible duty of care to each other whether we know each other or not.

Why can’t we extend that to the next village, the next town, the next city, the next country?  We don’t have to know someone to care about them do we?

This week I faced an unusual situation.  I spent four days on a course with ten men.  I was rather intimidated!  However I embraced the situation and instead of sidling off at lunch time I joined them at the canteen table.  They were a bit uncomfortable at first but they came around.  We talked about where we’d been on holiday. I mentioned Brighton.  Full of gays said one.  Yeah, poofs said the other.  These weren’t horrible guys, I don’t even think they believed what they said.  It was macho.  The others laughed.  Some less than others.  I didn’t say anything.  I didn’t whinge.  I was cross with myself for it.  However I wanted to ‘fit in’ for those few days.  I was already battling with being called a ‘girl’ every five minutes and listening to the blokes being told to ‘watch their language in front of the lady’.  On day four, we talked about the environment.  I had an expensive bag once, said one guy.  I divorced her though.  Everyone laughed.  This time I didn’t stay quiet.  All I managed was, I’m sure she was very happy about that.  The others smirked.  One whispered to me, don’t take the bait, don’t bite he said.

Don’t whinge I guess he meant.

The thing is…..I’m a great believer in equality and fairness and I’m sorry Boris, Nigel and Donald while you’re still talking about grabbing women by the pussy, while you continue to say that women only go to University to find someone to marry and while you describe pregnant women in the workplace as a ‘disaster’…….I will whinge.

It’s called standing up for myself and standing up for others.

Happy Sunday everyone and happy whinging too!!

Lots of love X DWYS X


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