The blonde

This week my blog is simply  a few minutes I observed from afar.

I drive to the meeting. I was late. Not only was I late I’d absentmindedly taken the wrong turning. So I’d chosen the long way around. And I was late.  Consequently I end up going through the busy town rather than around it. Consequently I’m stuck in traffic. For a long time.

I see her to the right of me trying to cross. She has that hippified look. Strawberry blonde hair, messy, little make up, baggy top but it looked effortlessly nice along with her tanned boots and faded jeans.

I lift my hand and signal to her to walk in front so that she can cross the road. She has a white plastic  bag. She now looks in a bit of a hurry.  She smiles her thank you towards me.

She begins to roll a cigarette while walking. Clever in its own way. It surprises me as she doesn’t look like a smoker.

She doesn’t light the cigarette. Instead she puts it in her back pocket for later. My eyes follow her as I’ve nothing else to do. Sitting in the traffic. Berating myself for leaving things last minute. I glance at the traffic ahead quietly persuading something to move. I stare at the traffic lights that have turned to green twice with no movement. So my gaze continues to follow her instead.

About 30 yards down the road she knocks on a white upvc glazed door. A dark haired older woman answers and  the strawberry blonde hands her the plastic bag,  then she crouches down to be at the same level as someone. An excited, barely toddling toddler, comes into sight. Toddler has a huge smile with gleaming eyes that only parents can demand. Strawberry blonde whispers in her ear and strokes the chubby cheeks. The curls on the toddler dance around as she gazes adoringly at her mum,still crouching she continues to talk and smile. She kisses her on her cheeks twice and they chat away in toddler speak.  After a minute or so Mum has to leave and as she does she walks away blowing kisses to curly mop toddler mouthing I love you, I love you, I love you and walks on to wherever she needs to be today.

It was only a few minutes but in a world this week where there is so much anger it can be easy to overlook love which really is around us everywhere.  It doesn’t make the news and it’s not fun to gossip about, it doesn’t sell papers and it’s not particularly easy to talk about or to even to  say at times.

I had two texts yesterday from friends telling me they love me,  I was quite taken aback as I’m not one normally to tell friends I love them, saving that for family and partners normally.  However it made me think we should be telling everyone we love that we love them!! It certainly made me feel happy.

It’s simplistic to say but wouldn’t this World be a much better place if we spread the love a little bit more! It all starts with one person!

Happy Sunday everyone, lots of love! XxX



2 thoughts on “The blonde

  1. Those times when we are privileged to become part of someone else’s world for an instant can really light up the day. I still remember a similar instant about twenty years ago when I was on a train at Harrogate station, en route to York with my children.

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