Lunch time musing

Have thought for a while of blogging a bit more (lacking a bit of self belief!) ..and today while I was making lunch I thought I’d share what I had to eat! Like there’s not enough of that on Facebook!! 

Anyhow I’m a bit of a soup freak in the week. I try to be a bit ‘good’ during the day.. only so there are enough calories left for wine. 


*sort of*

I’ve taken lately instead of finding a recipe…. I look at what I’ve got left in the cupboard and conjure up something.  

So today I fried a bit of onion  (I’m a bit lazy here as I buy frozen chopped onion it’s about a pound and it’s so much less faffy than those stingy eye real ones) then chopped up a cauliflower and with some vegetable stock simmered that for 15 minutes.  Then I added some spinach and simmered for another few minutes  taking it off the heat I added a bunch of fresh mint  (I bought a plant about a month ago for a quid and it’s still alive so it must be easy to grow!) .. then some fresh lemon juice and some salt  (I use lo salt…. so much less sodium) and some ground black pepper.  Then I whizzed it all up in a blender. 

Hey presto.  

I have to say I thought it was really tasty. 

Wintry and also a taste of Spring at the same time. 

Hope you’ve had a nice lunch today! 

X Dwys X 


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