What are friends for?

What are friends for?  I find myself saying as I hold her hand while she tries to stop tears rolling down her cheeks.

Friends are those people we choose to be in our life.

I was told this week I’m very ‘good’ at making an effort with friends.   I don’t see it as good, I see it as necessary.  Without question.

Like a tiny seed that grows into a beautiful rose, friendships need love, attention, feeding and patience and like the rose friendships should be beautiful.  It’ll have a few thorns and there are times paths will go in different directions but for me, friends are a staple fixture in life, a fundamental ingredient.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friends this week for all the lovely things you did, during a rather difficult week.

Thanks to you for taking me out for veggi sausage and mash.  Thanks to you for organising a get together when we haven’t seen each other for months.  Thanks for picking up the phone on Thursday night, even though you probably didn’t want to after your bad day and having a long overdue chat with me.  Thanks to you, my brother, who I class as one of my best friends for a good giggle and a serious natter.  Thanks to you for sorting out afternoon tea yesterday – there’s never enough time for us all to speak! Thanks to you for the text suggesting a walk and of course a wine to finish it off, sorry I missed the walk but the wine was lush.  Thanks to my oldest friend for ringing me up at 11pm where we attempted to solve the world’s problems (or just our own!).  Thanks to mum (bestest friend ever!) for helping me out and sharing an avocado sandwich with me in the sunshine. Thanks to you for asking how my boy got on at school.  Thanks for your messages despite your tough week and your advice.  Thanks for the surprise chocolates ending up on my desk.  Thanks for asking how I got on this week and making plans to meet up.   Thanks for posting encouraging messages.  Thanks for the hug.  Thanks for taking me out for dinner.  (I’ve just realised there’s no wonder I’ve put on a few pounds this Summer – so much food!!).

Thanks for being YOU!

Some friends I’ve known all my life, some much shorter.  We can’t all be there for each other all the time, it can be weeks or even months sometimes where we catch up , sometimes it’s just a text or phone call now and again.

Search the definition of friendship and it will tell you that it’s an attachment to a person or between persons, affection arising from mutual esteem and good will.  For me the last two words sum up friendship. In fact it sums up how to be the best person you can.

Good will.

If you have good will towards the people in your life then you’re all the way there in trying to make today the best one you can for you and everyone else.

Happy Sunday everyone xxx




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