I want it now!

Resting or doing nothing in my family is practically a swear word. I think that’s why so many of us completed our education late because learning was sold as a waste of time. We were brought up to be busy. To earn. To provide. Anything else was deemed a little bit middle class.  It’s probably the reason why most of my family don’t know how to sit down for a few minutes and do nothing! 
Consequently I seem to live life as if I’m strapped into a permanent roller coaster.

Moving house recently has meant I’ve had to re adjust. Temporarily.  Why? Mainly because horrors of horrors we’re left with no wifi. For two weeks!! The roller coaster of life has a temporary fault on the track. There’s just walls. Windows. A garden. Boxes. And stuff in those boxes. Lots  of stuff.

I initially grab this non virtual world with confidence.  I can do this. I don’t need to watch eBay for that floral chaise lounge. I don’t care that the Next sale is on. I’m not bothered about twits on Twitter.

I found myself buying physical newspapers. It felt grown up. No app. No sweep reading.  I sat in my conservatory looking over at the birds playing around their new feeder and I read the paper. With my glasses on, then off (age!) I’m even attempting the crossword and a bit of sudoku. 

I pick up one of the five books that I’ve started over the last 12 months and read it. I take extra long walks and I watch favourite films.  I have friends over most evenings and sometimes I just sit out in my pink garden chair under the primary coloured fairy lights and do nothing. For a few minutes! 

The most bizarre aspect of being away from the online word was the removal of instant happenings. I didn’t know that my friends son had won a singing competition or that I’d been invited to run with friends. I didn’t hear about Boris, May or the horrors of Nice until hours later on the radio. I’m out of touch with Corbyn and I can’t update my online group. I take a picture and I can’t share it with the world and when I want to google ‘how to put up a curtain pole’, I can’t. 

Within days I went from sitting confidently and smugly, drinking camomile, reading the broadsheets with my ‘who needs wifi’ look to shiftily hanging around the porch of a friend desperately trying to order a floppy hat for my hols. 

As I went to bed on Friday night I noticed the blue light. Not an orange ‘I’m not working’ light. A steady blue light. I grabbed my iPad excitedly. You’re connected it says. You’re wifi is connected!

Despite it being 1am I excitedly tell my son and I stay up until 3am catching up. It doesn’t take long for me to be somehow looking at a cute dog in a pink raincoat that belongs to the son of a friend of my mums friend or watching videos of dancing  baby goats.  I catch up with my emails and delete a thousand. I devour the local row about the circus and happily immerse myself in my online political lefty group. Feeling part of the world again!

I want it now. That’s the culture and times we live in. I certainly wouldn’t want to be without my online community but having a few minutes under a starry night alone letting thoughts wander will also play more of a part in my day from now on. 

Now… about that chaise lounge……
Happy Sunday to you all xxxx


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