Dare to dream

What else is there to write about today other than WALES?!

For so many reasons. I’m always proud to be Welsh.  Yes I’m proud because the footie team beat the Belgium team to go through. Yes I’m proud of our fans.  Yes I cry as I hear the national anthem sweep through the stands.

I’m proud though mostly of our attitude.  Of the attitude of the team. Of the attitude of the manager.  It’s Welsh.  It’s so so Welsh.  Here for each other. Not one person trying to get the limelight.  Holding hands.  An ability to merge and mix with those on the ‘opposing sides’.  The confidence to say when you’re wrong.  The strength to stand and be proud when everything goes right.  The humility to admit you’ve made a mistake.  The passion to invoke pride in millions of people.  Not just Welsh people.

Where does this come from?

A dream.  The dream.  Belief in the dream.

When asked what he does to this team, Coleman replies simply…..  I dare to dream.  He implores youngsters to take this on.  To dream.  If you don’t dream, then what have you got?

This is what I am left with this weekend. The passion and the belief of dreams.  Because we can all have them.

After the legendary game on Friday night I woke up listening to the seagulls play.  With a bit of a heavy head I find myself on a beach scattered lightly with people and dogs.  It’s sparse and beautiful.

Windsurfers crash against the breeze.

Women and men jog bare foot in the sand against the horizon.

Dogs run excitedly into the froth and swell of the sea.

The sun has won its battle against the snow coloured clouds and with the breeze scatters patterns along the sand.

There’s a moment when I stop and I devour it.

I stop and dream.

Do you ever stop and dream?

I stopped and I decided to spin around on the sand, taking in the sound of the natural crashing waves and the heat of the sun shining heavily on my face.  It felt silly.  It felt amazing.

I couldn’t be happier to be born anywhere in the world than Wales.  We’re unique.  We’re a team.  And we dare to dream.


Happy Sunday (night) everyone x x x










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