Invisible obstacles

I’m writing this a bit earlier than normal because as you read it I’m probably on my way to Liverpool to a colour obstacle run that one of my friends persuaded me to take part in.  Photos to follow I’m sure!!

These obstacles are there to create a bit of fun and are taken up voluntarily but what about the obstacles we can’t avoid?

It’s been a good week in an odd week. Life continues with its own obstacles and mountains to climb.  friends that I wish I could protect , more hospital visits, a horrid sick bug, conducting appraisals, helping to wipe up tears, saying goodbye, awkward moments, busy work, angst, time constraints… all the usual stuff we all deal with.  Life isn’t it!

So why in this week which seemingly was quite grey in parts am I feeling good?

Well…  the sun shone – a lot! That alone raises your mood doesn’t it?  I walked and talked and sat and took photos.  I  was enlightened about new ideas from friends and I revelled in blogs about bluebells and floral photos on instagram.  I sat on the sofa leaning on my partner and started reading a book (something I’ve not done in a while!) and despite the appearance of monsters with tentacles (thanks *you* for that recommendation!) it felt relaxed, normal, nice, here, now, lovely and most importantly not stressy… just to be able to do that and not worry.

I took my dog to the river and learnt that she can swim fantastically well, she barks and I throw sticks, her fur melts away and she looks more rat like than dog like but her wagging tail tells me she is having the most fun she’s had in ages.  I love that dog so much!

I’ve been cooking, trying out new recipes – simple stuff like pasta in hoummous with green and black olives on a bed of rocket with toasted pine nuts, topped with garlic mushrooms. It was LOVELY!  I also have found the most amazing soup receipe with red lentils, garlic, tomatoes and sweet potato – I brought some into work and it went down very well even though it was meat free! 

I’ve started drinking (the occasional) coffee again! I haven’t had one for 18 months and sat at a cafe in the sun at the weekend with a frothy cappuccino and a warm chocolate fudge cake just watching the world tick by.   I’ve started eating almonds and juicy raisins in the morning with my cereal and instead of eating it rushing about the house I take ten minutes and I … well eat it, properly! 

I laughed with friends over a glass or two and I watch from the sidelines as my son continues to take life in his stride and makes me proud every second.  My mum called to see me just to give me a kiss on the cheek and my step dad dropped over the most amazing red vibrant plant that now adorns my kitchen window. 

I people watched and saw a balding man carrying his dog in a rucksack and a grown woman with pink ankle socks and sandals.  I passed a cafe and a man with a beard held his partners hands and love just sprung out everywhere as he looked at her. Beautiful.  

So yes there are obstacles visible and non visible  but there are masses of small moments that sometimes we can forget about or sometimes we don’t see them because we’re so busy.   Slowing down,  focussing  on them can sometimes make you feel that bit happier about life.

One more thing I did this week is something I’ve never done before!!  I wanted to share it with you and I hope maybe you will do it too and savour the feeling.  As I drove back home one day, roof down, sunglasses on, new CD blaring out (some trance music that I’m clearly far too old for) – I punched the air and let out an almight whooooop.  Not just once but three times.  You know like Americans do on films.  And it felt good!  There was nothing remarkable about my week, it was like yours with it’s bad and good points but for those small moments of joy let out a whooop and bask in the silliness! 

Happy Sunday all x x



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