Darts, falls & halloumi.

It’s 5.22am. I’ve been awake since about 3.35am. A few things led to this. Firstly last Friday I fell while walking the dog.  Despite working in a surgery with professionals who know a lot more than I do I declined the advice of getting an x ray. Now my arm and hand hurt.  Quite a lot.

Adding to this my dog decided to growl and bark while looking towards what appeared to me.. an empty dark quiet night.  Not to her though.  She unusually stared at “something’ and continued to tell this (I hope) imaginary person to go away through her very loud bark. She’s an Alsatian in a miniature dogs body.

So I lie here and decide to scrub out the post I’d started writing for Sunday.  Instead I just thought I’d share with you that I’m awake and I wondered what other people did when they wake at night to help them sleep.

I’m sure I’m not alone that for some reason this is the time I berate myself and focus on all the rubbish negative stuff.  Why do we do that? It’s hardly going to help us sleep! I’m annoyed with myself for being awake!! Like we need anyone else in our life to be critical of us. I keep telling myself to be nice to me but for some reason the early hours of the night have an ability to turn my  normally positive vibe  into a self critical annoyance.  Very helpful.

Whats so special about the early hours that strips your mind of normality and allows worry and negativity to seep in?!

Perhaps it’s the dark or its the quiet or we’re not used to actually having time to think.

Whatever it is I’m not a fan and I’m hoping this habit isn’t back to stay.

To finish and selfishly because I’m hoping it’ll fight off those thoughts… I’ll tell you some good parts of my week in the hope they’ll stay in my sub conscious and I will drift back to the land of pillows and light snoring.

So, apart from falling this week’s highlights includes a run in the snow, a family dinner out, birthday cake, aqueduct walks, a night out with 3 marvellous men (my ex husband, my brother and my son) doing one thing on my bucket list… watching World darts in Birmingham (on that point could I be the only person in the world to have my bag searched and to then have a jar of olives confiscated?!)…..I digress… it also included two published articles, a halloumi dish, falling asleep when a friend visited  (so sorry about that.. it’s my anaemia not me)… oh yes finding out I’m anaemic, hang on this is supposed to be about good stuff…. sharing photographs with friends adorning various tea towels on our heads trying to cheer one of them up who’s just had an op…running with friends and a meal at a new bistro with some fab company.

All in all not a bad week.  So I’ll leave it there and allow those nice thoughts to drown out the uninvited early morning whispers.

I wish you all a happy Sunday. I’m off to sleep! Lots of love x Dwys x



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