Being rash?

It’s been a challenging week.  A very challenging week. In the face of these difficulties I try to hold my head up high and believe people who genuinely  care for me and know me will, well… know me….know the truth…

Read anything and it tells you not to let the perpetrator of your pain know they’ve affected you. Why? To be brave. To not let them think they’ve won? I don’t care about that. I’m just about brave enough to say this week I was broken. Briefly.  My grief was spat on in a twisted act of unkindness.  Of course it hurt. I cried and cried and wailed to the point my body reacted and produced hives from my eyes to my toes. With some medical advice and some medication the symptoms disappeared overnight.

Stress is a powerful tool. As I sat wailing, my partner held my hand…. My partner. .. let me have 2 minutes and tell you about her…..yes you Kris!  A few words on you. We met 5 years ago and we’ve had an on and off friendship for 5 years. We dated briefly when I was single years ago.  You then lived your life and I lived mine. An amazing coincidental change happened last year which found us both single at the same time and 3 months later on Christmas day we had our first proper date.  An imperfect love story with a happy ending.    You are the kindest person I know. I love you and you’ve made me truly feel happy, safe, supported….. thank you x

The emotional impact of what happened earlier this week took a while longer to disappear than the rash however I have resilience and  I have depth and I am strong. I have truth and I have honesty.  I have amazing friends, a fabulous family, a beautiful new partner and an inspiring son.   I wish no harm to anyone. I’ve been through the worst loss that can be imagined by many  and I’m surviving. Not just surviving but living.

Life definitely has its ups and downs.

Keep looking up I say.  There’s plenty to keep smiling about.

Happy Sunday to everyone x

Dwys x



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