Star jumps

I’ve just been on what is probably my favourite holiday. A load of family, children, a brother I haven’t seen for a year and dogs tucked in a forest with plenty of mod cons (no teepee or compost loo thanks!).  It’s exhausting just listing what we did.. walking, cycling,  swimming,  adventure golf, laser shooting,  aerial ropes (still can’t believe I did that one), bowling, badminton,  table tennis.  It was so much fun.

Having brought Lolly, my  dog,   I also managed to get out for an hour and a half every day exploring under the narrow wavering emerald trees.  Treading new paths, new smells, new views. As I walked and sometimes stopped to take a picture I realised how much I was focussing on the good stuff.  I ignored the very occasional piece of litter. I definitely tried to ignore a plastic dog bag that someone had tied to a hedge (why????). I ignored the perimeter fence and the sound of cars in the distance. 

Instead I took in the sight of the robin that came close enough for me to see the beauty of his chest.  I watched and smiled as the squirrels caught site of pooch and scrambled high up to safety.  I enjoyed the rabbits scuttling in their field.  I took in the flowers that looked like sunshine and the natural white forage while ducks waddled in pairs near the pond.   I stopped and said a few words near a tree that had been adorned with ribbons for someone gone and I took time to feel the pain I sometimes try to ignore wishing my beautiful girl who should be almost 18 was here linking arms with me. 

Mostly I enjoy. No not enjoy. I’m in awe of the silence and the time around me. The time to just do this. This. This kind of nothing but it’s also everything.

To celebrate I take a large big star jump to the amusement of pooch and I keep on walking.

We can’t always ignore the bad and focus on the good but I’m going to try a little harder to see and appreciate all the goodness right in front me.  Easier said than done I know particularly when real life makes an appearance however I can run and take a star jump anywhere!  When’s the last time you star jumped? ! Go on!  It’ll make you feel good!

Have a great week x Dwys x



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