Cleaners and compliments

Just a pre-cursor to this blog – I feel it necessary to remind anyone reading this blog that I am not perfect and in no way do I ever pretend to be perfect!! I get cross and annoyed and talk to myself about things that get me cross and annoyed, I’ve been known to raise my voice (hardly ever though these days) and sometimes I handle things badly.  I stay up too late and I probably drink too much wine, I can be too quick to give an opinion etc etc.

 ….but I’m not here to write about the crappy things in life, well that’s not true – I am here to write about that too but hopefully with a view or a way to making it better. 

What’s the point in writing otherwise?! 

Anyway now thats out the way…back to my blog for today – it’s about compliments.  Do you find compliments hard to take?  Do you find them hard to give?  I’ve spent the best part of 4 decades learning how to accept them.  Oo that’s a nice dress says someone, oh this I say – I got it at Primark in the sale for £1.50, it’s nothing!  Noooo.  Now try it again.  Ooo, that’s a nice dress  – oh thanks, what a lovely thing to say! Better?!

Try it – it’s so difficult!! I manage a quiet ‘thank you’ quite a lot now and have almost stopped negatively responding at all, it’s taken ages though.  The other weird thing is when you start accepting compliments instead of turning them around to something and putting yourself down you notice how often other people are bad at taking compliments. Weird how we find it so much easier to be negative about ourselves.

It can also be hard to give compliments.  I don’t think we are used to it.  It seen as a bit un British perhaps. 
I was walking the dog this morning and I bumped into my friend, we had a brief chat and as she continued her run she shouted – you look lovely this morning!  Put such a smile on my face!

The reason compliments came into my head this week is because we’ve had a variety of cleaners in work of late.  Some of the standards have been better than others.  We’ve had a new one this week and she popped her head in to say hi.  We had a chat about all kinds of things! She was one of those easy to talk to people, in ten minutes we discussed matching wrist tattoos and the fact they were both dedicated to people we had lost and we talked dogs and even dating sites!! As she was going I said to her – oh I just wanted to say how fabulous the surgery is looking, it’s amazing to walk into, thank you so much.  Her face just lit up, her eyes gleamed and she had this ‘proud’ look.  It was a throw away comment really on my part but I could tell it really made her happy!

So for this week try throwing some compliments around and don’t forget to accept them too – because you are FAB!

Happy Sunday,
Lots of love,




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