Wrapping up

About nineteen years ago I decided to have a baby for quite a random reason.  I hadn’t wanted babies. I thought I’d be hopeless at it so felt that job was better for someone else much more capable.  However, I had this book of Welsh names. I’m not sure why but I think I’d kept it because at the time there was no Google and it was the only place my name existed in print along with the meaning  of my name (intense, incase you’re interested… who me… intense? ? Me????).

At 26 I flicked through it one day… even as a Welsh speaker some of those names required an athletic workout of the tongue and made me wonder who would be so cruel as to call their baby that!  Then I remember I’m called Dwysan and I spell my name out at least 25 times a day. Sometimes I don’t bother to correct people now and have been referred to as Tyson for a whole night oncel!

Anyway, I came across by chance a name in that book that changed my life forever. Tesni.  I fell in love with the name and also the idea of having a baby! About ten months later I held her in my arms.  Warmth is what her name means. It couldn’t have been a more perfect description.

So that brings me to what I wanted to reflect on this week.  Warmth.

I walk a lot on my own. It’s one of my favourite times of my busy week.  I do a lot of thinking and use it as a time to sort those niggles in my head.   I realised on one of those walks that I needed to wrap myself up in a bit more warmth. To stop worrying if some people like me or why they don’t.  To stop saying yes when I mean no. To really wrap myself in the warmth of people who care about me. I’m getting older and life really is too short to keep trying to please everyone.

So I’m wrapping myself up in warmth with family and friends who love me. Some I see often, others may only be in my life now and again perhaps even by text or email but they’re those people that you could turn up at their door at 2am and they’d not just let you in they’d pour you a glass of wine, get you a hot water bottle and hand you some tissues.

So why not take a walk, clear your mind and make a decision to only wrap yourself up in the real beauty of the warmth and love of people. Less really is more. Simplify your mind and your life a bit. You’re left with those who want the best for you, who you love to be around.

Thanks to you for being around me.

Lots of love,  Dwys x



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