Judge me not

Some weeks what I’m going to write about just hits me in the face – like every day something will happen and I’ll think – that is worth writing about!! This week it’s about judgement.

It’s been a week where Cameron thought he was being a ‘big man’ when in fact he was being a ‘big bully’ as he criticised what Jeremy Corbyn wore. Emily Watson got involved in a talk about feminism.  The only thing the papers could think to talk about was her new haircut, dress and her eyebrows.

It’s not only the famousness’s that are criticised though.  I’ve witnessed lately  criticisms on peoples weight (too fat/too thin), criticism on someones clothes because they were ‘dirty’ (a bit of mud from some walking!) and I was was criticised this week because….. wait for it………. I spelt a word wrong!!!!!!  I don’t want to boast or anything (cue boasting because I worked bloody hard for it over six years working and raising 2 children…..) – I have an English degree and I’m normally a decent speller!   For some really bizarre reason I thought that bit at the bottom of your back was a coxis!! I now realize it is in fact a coccyx!

There were two things I was criticized heavily for in the abuse on twitter – the first was that I disagreed with what a medic said about the ineffectiveness of homeopathic medicine.  I was once treated for severe pain of the coccyx (get it right Dwysan!)  and this magical woman transferred me from a spluttering crying wreck to being pain free in about 3 minutes! It truly was amazing!  I was ‘mocked’ for falling for ‘sugar water’ and also further mocked for my spelling mistake!  She lost her ability to spell with her pain said the twitter woman, a barrister at that. Nice!

So judge we do.

When I trained volunteers to work at Women’s Aid one session was about being non-judgemental.  I always started the session by saying that is impossible.  You can’t be non judgemental.  Walk into any room and you will judge – she’s pretty, he’s cute, she’s a bit overweight, his hair is a bit greasy, she looks rich, he looks like he needs a wash……… everyone does it.  Everyone.

The trick is not to turn that judgement to hate.  To cruelty.  To mock.  To jibe.  Because really what on earth do you get from it?   Being cruel is just… well shitty!

I’m accused of being too fluffy at times on here and I probably am because I really think we can make this place a much better world if we all tried a bit.  My mum always said Ito me…. you can’t change the world (she was just trying to protect me because I was campaigning for Superman says no to cigarettes* from about 8 – she knew where it was going clearly).  Maybe you can’t.  You can make a positive difference though.

So go judge, we all do it. We just don’t have to be mean about it.

Go make the world a better place!



*Ps I stopped campaign for that particular cause at about 14 when I discovered silk cut…

*pps thankfully no longer a habit of mine!



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