My fu**ing great life (warning this post contains expletives )

 “I don’t spend half my life writing about how fucking great I am”*

That’s what someone said to me this week.

And that’s the title of my blog this week.

I won’t give the owner of those words more air time than that.

It just made me think how odd it is that we are constantly criticised if we dare to feel proud of ourselves. Yes, it’s so British.  Put yourself down.  Don’t take a compliment.  Be submissive. Go along with stuff. Don’t ask questions.  Big everyone else up but ignore yourself. Point out your weaknesses. The list goes on. It’s far easier isn’t it. Being negative about ourselves is the simple way.

I have a friend who has just gone through a break up. When I visited her she clearly was upset. I asked how she really was.  She looked and said to me.  I’ll be fine.  I’m  attractive.  I’m good fun to be around.  I’m kind. The words struck me powerfully.  How many times do you hear people say that about themselves? What a strong person you have to be. It’s not arrogant.  It’s healthy to have the confidence to know your strengths.  It’s super confident to share them.

So. Back to how fucking great I am.

Taking a leaf out of my friends book I’d like to tell you how great I am. My name is Dwysan.  I’m fucking great. I’m fucking great because ..(oo this is much harder than I thought it’d be)….. I’m kind,  I’m thoughtful,  I’m honest,  I’m a good friend,  I work hard, I’m passionate,  I’m a good mum (to humans and pets!), I’m interested in people,  I want to help. Phew. That was hard. Even harder not to write a caveat that I have plenty of flaws too…  but no I won’t do it!!

So. You. Reading this. Next time you get a compliment.  Say thank you.  Next time you’ve done something good. Share it. Your true friends will be happy for you. Tell your boss what you’ve done well at. Tell your other half about your positive bits. Tell your kids you’re a great parent and why. Instill  them to have the courage to be positive about themselves too.  If you can’t tell others then tell yourself the great things about you.

Tell yourself you’re fucking great.

Sadly i don’t spend half of my life writing about how fucking great I am but from now on I certainly will spend a few moments  of the day reminding myself…yes I am fucking great…. and so are you x

*reading this blog is not compulsory


6 thoughts on “My fu**ing great life (warning this post contains expletives )

  1. Dwys, you are (expletive free) grrrreat. You have been, and still are, an inspiration to me. You are an inspirational writer. You are inspired.
    I am great too. I have been inspired, fired up and pumped up. Thank you… Again!

  2. You’re so right also we spend time telling other people we love them, but can you remember the last time you stood in front of a mirror and told yourself that ! Anyway Happy Saint David’s day for a week on Tuesday . x

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