Calon lan

I hadn’t really wanted  to write a post about love today, not about love on Valentines day. Way too cliché.  But hey. Love it is. Not the soppy kissy kind of love. Just love.

This blog came about because as I was watching Wales play rugby last weekend at my local, a guy commented on my blog and it touched my heart.

Our local was full of mostly middle aged blokes shouting and swearing at the TV.   He was standing by the bar. Drink in hand. Red shirt on. I stand next to him as I buy a drink and we exchange polite talk. How are the children? We even talk about cars.  The entire conversation is in Welsh. He stops. He looks at me and says his friend shared my blog that morning. That was a surprise to me that he even knew I blogged! He looks away from me and shakes his head gently. He stares down at his feet and I barely hear him when he asks, how do you do that? Do what? I ask. He looks up and says… how do you open your heart like that?

At the same time the room takes a mutual intake of breath as Wales give away another penalty.

I’m still looking at the man who has asked me the question. It’s clear that my blog has really touched the guy with a pint.

I couldn’t have felt more proud inside. I don’t think anyone who writes can want for more than to know your words mean something to the reader.

I dont answer him. I just smile a lot and say thank you.  Later though I give thought to why some of us find it easy to open our heart? I don’t just wear my heart on my sleeve, I wear it on my jacket, my scarf, my jeans, my shoes, my socks. Everywhere.  I don’t know how else to be.

So it’s Valentine’s …  be you hugging your partner, husband, wife, dog, pet tarantula or a glass of wine.  Maybe take this day to open your heart to someone or even  to yourself. Practice opening your heart. Say what you feel with love.  Express your love! Love you! Love who you are and be true to who you are. Be open and honest, with love! Love what you do. Say love. Express love. Creak open the door of your heart,  it’s far preferable to it staying closed.

So thank you Mr Rugby man. You said you could  never open  your heart in that way.  But you did exactly that. With it you made me feel proud of my open heart.

Wales didn’t put a smile on my face that day. You did.


Dwys x

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