Who knew there was such a thing as national breakfast week. Well there is and it’s happening now!

I’ve received a whole load of emails about breakfast and what to eat to get your day off to the best start.

I’m afraid I read them with some scepticism.  The thought of avocado with a poached egg at 6.30 am is more likely to make me feeling sick than super.

It did make me think though about how the start to the day can make all the difference.

The days I wake up feeling  the best are when I’ve not had my ‘post work I deserve it’ glass of wine or two. I’ve eaten less crisps and more celery. I’ve swapped the tea for tap water.  I stopped myself searching vintage on eBay and slept before midnight.   But the thing that always energises me the most? Especially first thing.  Exercise.

Don’t all groan!

I know it’s a list of what we already know is good for us.

So why is it we so often ignore what we know makes us feel better? I know all this yet my brain forgets to tell me most nights as I try to work out if 5.48pm is acceptable to have my first sauvignon.

It’s just odd how we do things to ourselves that we know don’t make us feel good.   I’m not talking about giving up the wine! !  Don’t be silly!  

A couple of time a week though. Make a small change to the start of your day.  I might not entirely agree with the concept that smoked salmon is going to put some magic into my morning.  Yet I do know that getting my trainers on and running a couple of miles through these imposing hills and Spring colours makes me smile, makes my skin glow, gives me that feeling inside.

So be it a walk,  or some stretching,  a bit of yoga, an early swim or cycle or even a dance around in the kitchen.  Try it and see how it makes you feel.   You can always have that fry up when you get back in and before you know it it’ll soon be 5.48pm!


Dwys x


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