Today in Wales we celebrate our own version of Valentines day.  Dydd Santes Dwynwen.  I like to think of it as the more intimate special ‘hardly commercialised at all’ version.  You won’t see mass purchasing of grey scruffy teddy bears with begging eyes being bought hurriedly on the way home along with the last wilting carnations from the bucket outside the petrol station.

 It’s more of a ‘just there’ day and we tend to keep it a secret.  Us Welsh have a word that for me sums up love – a cwtch.  This is the word for hug but not as you know it.  It cannot be translated. 

 But I will do my best for those who are not familiar. 

It’s a cwtch, it’s arms around you, it’s feeling safe inside, it’s love in a hug, it’s deeply personal, it’s warm, it’s happiness, its experienced, it’s that moment, it’s a cwtch.  

If you’ve had a cwtch, you’ll know what it is.

On these designated days that celebrate love of course there’s always the thought about those who may not have what the media throws at us as representing love.  Those passionate all encompassing moments of mad love on TV that lets be honest normally end up with someone falling off a cliff.  So we should really stop craving that kind of love!

There’s all kinds of love.  Love from your family, your partner, your child, your friend, your pet.  My dog Lolly give me so much love and I love her so much! I can cwtch with her too!!  

What inspired me today to write another blog so soon after my last post yesterday was the fact I had numerous responses from people who had lost someone they loved.  I was touched to tears by some of them, the thought that I somehow support in a tiny way just one person to process the loss of love overwhelms me. 

It made me think about love and how love is lost and love is here or love has gone but love can be found. 

Yeah It’s a soppy one! 

No idea how many times I said love so far but there you go.  I’m feeling gushy (I don’t think that is an actual word is it) and I wanted to say really ..hang on to love,  tell them you love them, look after love, have a cwtch …Dydd Santes Dwynwen hapus i pawb  💕



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