There are so many quotes and lists out there for the year ahead. None of them fit exactly for me so this is my own about my hopes for me and for you in 2016 and beyond.   

Say hello. Whenever you can.


Cook something new.

Write.  Anything.  Just write.

Make something. A card. A cake. Just make.

Laugh. Hard.

Have patience.

Visit and make time.

Let them make their own decisions.

Cry. Or don’t.

Be clear. Not ambiguous.

Keep in touch.

Stop trying to be everything to everyone.

Be kind. 

Remember them. But live.


Talk.  Proper talk. Listen.

Take photos but also don’t. Just take it in.

Make plans. Don’t make plans.


Be quiet. Listen. 

Be grateful. Say thank you.

Stand up for yourself.  And others.



Do something new.

Love. Be loved. Properly love. And tell them.

Forgive yourself.

Take a break.

Stay still. 

Dream. Always have dreams. 

Follow your instincts. 

Say how you feel.

Compromise. But not at your expense.

Be fair.

Have hope. 


Be truthful with yourself.


Be brave.  Make that choice.

Be yourself.  Live.  Smile.  Cry.  Love.  Be you.

However your 2016 starts be it good or bad, life will unfold over the next 365 days and some of it we will have absolutely no choice about.  But some of it we will.  Make those choices  count. 

Happy 2016 to us all x x



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