Just friends.

I sat with my two oldest friends yesterday in the conservatory of a festive filled restaurant. Red and gold crackers decorated the heavy wooden table and outside the river crashed and played noisily with the stormy weather.

Three hours seemed more like three minutes as we caught up with our current position in our lives. Giggles,  gasps and some glassy eyed moments filled our afternoon.

One question that kept coming up as we took in the very latest developments of our lives was … how did this happen? ?!!  Our lives have had more twists and turns than an Eastenders script. Once upon a time we only worried about how we’d persuade our parents to let us go to that Welsh dance or how we’d convince doormen that we were 18. Birth certificate, a photocopier and some liquid paper anyone? ?

Now we’re ahem…. a little past our 30s and we’ve done divorce,  death, tears and loved and lost. We’ve married, separated,  given birth,  travelled, left home, come home. We’ve lived happy lives and had unhappy times.  We’ve been brave and stood up for what we really wanted. We’ve been sad when life has moved in a way we did not want. We have fought illness and loss around us. We’ve hugged and held each other. We’ve been straight talking when needs must. We’ve listened for hours when the moment is right.  We’ve danced on tables.  We’ve sang and we’ve partied. We’ve struggled. We’ve cried. We’ve laughed.

We’re all of you.

It’s called life and it is absolutely not as we expected.

As I drove home I felt such warmth from having these friends and fortunately many others in my life.  I marvel at what we have all become.  We have been shaped by experience but we have become ourselves. We will continue to fight battles but we will also continue to be loved, to be proud,  to laugh, to listen and most importantly to be there.


Hold on to them tight x



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