Today is the day

So. I had a hair cut.  It’s been ages. In fact I haven’t had it cut since December 2014. And you could tell! It had got long so I took the lazy option and piled it on my head in a bobble and a million clips for the last few months. Life took over. Really took over and hair became the last thing of importance.

It’s probably a good sign that I looked at the wiry, speckled with grey, frizzy mop and thought.  It needs cutting.

I casually say to one of my colleagues.  I’m cutting my hair tomorrow and I’m going drastic!

So I get up. Put a hat on (another sign that impending haircut is much needed). Walk the pooch. Take in the slightly snowy scattered hills.  Half the view is stifled with morning mist and the other half grudgingly lets in the blue sky trying desperately to make an appearance.

I digress.

So basically I get a haircut.  I’d like  a fringe bob kind of haircut please I say.  She looks at my dishevelled mess and I see “this is going to be a challenge’ on her perfectly made up face.

An hour later I’m walking out feeling like a film star and off I go to my works do that afternoon.

I see the colleague I mentioned earlier. This is the point of my garbled hairdressing story. She looks at me and said.  What I like a about you is you say you’re going  to do something and you do it.

Whilst this can’t always be true. The majority of the time I guess it is. What other way is there to live?

In a week where our local community has been hit by further horrendous tragedy and as someone who has lost and knows the excruciating pain of loss it serves as a reminder that if you want to go out and do something that will make a positive difference to you or someone else then go! Now!

Don’t think you’ve got tomorrow or next week or next year.

You probably have but why wait? ?

Chop your hair. Take up running. Change your job. Tell someone you love them. Leave if you’re not happy.   Write that book. Play that instrument.  Walk those hills. Climb that mountain.  Watch your favourite film. Make up. Say sorry. Stay. Cry.  Smile.

Do whatever it is you’re putting off.

Today is the day.




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