Ironically I was going to write today about the bombardment of bad news in our lives. From my office we play a local radio station for the waiting room. Almost every half an hour throughout the day I hear the misery of deprivation,  death, poverty,  pain, lies, abuse, inequality. The news. The list goes on.

I decided yesterday I couldn’t write the blog I’d intended to write.  It was going to be about why we focus on the terrible events in life
Even when we get together as friends we inevitably gravitate towards the bad things that have happened that day.

Friday brought about another tragedy. Too close to home. It brings pain  into our hearts and fear into our everyday living.  Are we next? We can’t help worry. We’re conditioned to worry. We’re bombarded with what’s wrong in the world.

Yet we will continue to live.

Why can’t we live a little bit better?

Why must we kill each other over our beliefs?? It amazes me that pacifists are almost treated like they should move out of the planet and live on Mars because, wait for it, ridiculously they’d like a peaceful solution. Damn those pacifists!! Killing, anger, bombing,  fighting,  declaring  (another) war, arguing,  murder … is another much better solution??

No. It isn’t.

Imagine if the world put their guns down. Imagine if we respected the person next door whether they’re religious or whether they’d rather go to the pub on a Sunday.  Imagine if everyone didn’t care what the person on the  street wore to go out shopping. Imagine treating other  people as equals. Imagine looking out for those with less than you. Imagine equality.  Imagine containing your anger and doing something more useful with your emotions.

All this is easier to do isn’t it than continue with the massive effort of war? 

Too simple I’m sure you’re thinking.  Yes it is. However we can all do our bit. The answer to Paris isn’t to hunt down anyone who remotely resembles what we’ve concocted in our head as terrorists.  Innocent people are dying all over the world. We can’t stand by and do nothing.  Yet we must acknowledge surely that bombs and bullets do absolutely  nothing to help. Nothing.

I don’t have the answers. I do know though the fragility of life. I know  the pain of losing those we love most. I know that anger does not help. What helps is understanding,  love, compassion, kindness, family, friends, hugs and kisses.

Is it so very wrong to want a world like that?



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