Pots and petals

I’ve recently learnt a lesson of living without much of the material stuff I normally surround myself with.

I moved house a few weeks ago to a much smaller place. So what have I lived without? I’ve lived without over half my wardrobe! I brought the clothes I really liked and that’s that. I’ve lived without a large fancy shower. I put up my own shower rail and curtain and you know what the water feels just the same! I live without almost all of my towels. I brought 4 and do you know what I don’t need more than 4! I live without a decent washing line, not ideal but I’ve been creative! I’ve lived without a microwave, I genuinely hadn’t realised how little i used that. I live without my collection of pans and cutlery and now just have a handful. I actually wash them by hand if I need them! ! I live without an ensuite bathroom. I live without the 5 additional rooms that actually were hardly lived in. I live without all of my photographs and most of my books and dvds. You might be thinking this is all a bit sad. But it isn’t.

It brings home how unimportant some of this stuff is. Don’t get me wrong I love a new pair of shoes as much as the next person but we’re pressurised to have this and that and the best house and car but what is it in the end that makes you happy?

For me its about what you can’t live without. I can’t live without hugs and cuddles. I can’t live without a phone call from a friend who rings at just the right time. I can’t live without experiencing the outside and filling my lungs with that Welsh air. I can’t live without support. I can’t live without giving support. I can’t live without feeling useful and also allowing people to help me. I can’t live without being true to myself. I can’t live without laughter. I can’t live without acts of spontaneous kindness. I cant live without love.

It’s not new that material stuff doesn’t make you happy but sometimes life swings in a direction that makes you notice what’s important that little bit more.




4 thoughts on “Pots and petals

  1. Ageed wholeheartedly – thank you for this perfectly timed reminder of the finer things in life – those lovely things that money can’t buy, that we really can’t do without ❤

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