Holiday still.

What a mixed bag holidays have become. 
The excitement of booking and reading reviews before getting to our sandy destination. 
Ordering the currency and double checking passports. 
Waking up at 3am and excitedly squeezing luggage into my tiny car. 
Arriving at the airport searching for the last car park space.  
Wheeling our luggage over the cobbles finally getting to a queue. 
And another queue. 
And another. 
Hitting the unfamiliar hot air as we disembark amongst the cloudless sky. 
Destination arrived. 
Every time. It takes time. To get over your absence. Everyone feels it. 
Literally it’s etched on everyone’s face as we try not to show it. 
We miss you so so much. It takes the first few days to get used to the hole left. 
Get over it we must. 
We must play volleyball and cards and table tennis without you. We must eat out and swim the clear sea water. We must collect shells and explore new coves. Without you.
Otherwise we would only stand still. 
We can’t stand still.
I searched your face in such a happy photo on my return home where you are effortlessly beautifully dynamic and I can never make sense of you not being here. Ever.
This bit of writing is to really say you were missed Tes so much on our hols as you are missed every second of every day. That’s all xx


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