Are you comfortable?

I’m re-reading a book that 23 years ago changed my life. Not the life around me, the life within me. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers. I’d recommend it to anyone.

So I bought the updated version a few months back and read it ever so quickly at first (anxious for it to work) and now I’m reading it again, slower, taking a paragraph in and re-reading it. And again if I feel it’s really important or something I want to really remember. Giving it the time it deserves.

One sentence came to me the other day as I took my morning walk up the narrow path curling out of the village. My three dogs pulling me eagerly, excited for the  moment they can run free.  

“Every day push your boundaries, do something out of your comfort zone”

As I face the familiar road and came to the usual turning I normally take to the right, I stop and look directly ahead at the path leading further away, leading through to the quiet dense woodland. I don’t like walking alone. I rarely walk alone to places I’m not comfortable in. I don’t find the woods comfortable. On my own. 

This day I tentatively keep on walking beyond the familiar right turning, as the words from the book play over in my mind. I feel a bit nervous but also slightly excited as I get to the top and make my way through the towering dark trees and hear the loud rustle of leaves under the paws of the dogs as they play.  I’ve done this walk hundreds of times… but never alone.

It was different. The breeze felt cleaner and the sky was brighter, the sun warmed my face as I made my way back home. I smiled inside and out. I’d achieved. Because I’d literally stepped out of my comfort zone.

You may be reading this and wondering what all the fuss is about. I probably live in one of the safest villages on the planet. But it’s my little fear. I know where it came from and I know it’s quite irrational, fears generally are.  You may well have your own.  It’s good to push the boundaries, however small. 

So, step out of your comfort zone and feel your fear but do it anyway!



One thought on “Are you comfortable?

  1. Lovely post Dwys. I walked on my own up the lane a few weeks ago. First time for years after a bit of a scary experience of being followed. I think they thought they were having a laugh but it stopped me walking on my own for a couple of years. I took some photos, the sun shone and it felt rather good! xxxx

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