Doing a Madonna


Doing a Madonna.

We all saw it. If we didn’t see it at the time, we’ve probably all gone online to watch it.

The fall of the decade I’m sure.

That horrible moment when you watch TV and your eyes extend while your hand reaches to your mouth unable to cover the gasp

My favourite quote about it was from Allan Carr. …. ‘That Minotaur is so going to be unemployed by the morning’.

So, since last night, I’ve a new saying – doing a Madonna.

There’s the physical side of doing a Madonna. As coincidence would have it I did this yesterday! I popped outside to get some logs in for the fire. I balanced as many as I could in my arms, far too many of course. I then began the simple journey of lifting my legs over the small fence towards our yard. My legs didn’t quite get the message from my brain that I needed to lift them an inch higher than I did. My body jerked across the garden, my head made friends with the whitewashed wall and my thigh muscles stretched like never before. With a painful twang I still found myself upright. Aching but upright. Most importantly nobody witnessed it (unlike that time I fell in someone elses sick outside the Odeon a couple of years ago much to the amusement of some friends, thanks guys!….) and importantly I still also had ALL the logs in my hands.

Then of course there’s the emotional side of doing a Madonna. This is what impressed me most about last night. Yes some of us laughed guiltily and rewound the TV too many times. If you looked on social media though the overwhelming response was wow, she fell and she got up again.

She fell and she danced.

She fell and she carried on.

She did a Madonna.

When life throws bricks and stones and rain and thunder, it’s the getting up again that’s important. It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow or next week, maybe not even next month or even in 12 months. However, working towards getting up again is what keeps us going.

Before I lost Tes I imagined it was purely impossible to live after losing a child. It’s still feels unbelievable at times; I truly can’t imagine anything worse to happen. I thought there couldn’t ever be a way to be, to carry on. But there has and it’s happened by taking a day at a time, re-evaluating what’s around, getting help, leaning on friends and as important still being able to be the friend that’s leaned upon.

Getting up every day is a start, just getting up, brushing your teeth, putting your mascara and lippy on, if that’s your thing. Whatever your thing is, get back to it, even if it is just tiny steps, even if you just manage to get dressed one day, keep going but listen to yourself, take a rest, have a day in bed if you want but the next day try again to keep going.

We’ll all have falls and challenges, some bigger than others, but we could all take a leaf out of the queen of pops book, pat yourself down, hold your head up high, throw off your cape, get your dancing shoes on and ‘do a Madonna’.


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